Memorial Donations-How To Make Them

Published: October 24, 2022
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

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There are many different things you can do for a family when they have to have cremation services in Essex, MD for a loved one who has passed on. Many people reach out with a card, flowers, or even a charitable gift. If you feel that a memorial donation would be a nice way to go, here are a few ways to make that donation.

Make A Gift To Their Church

If the person who died was a part of a church, you might feel that making a donation to that church is something they would appreciate. Check through the church programs and see if there’s anything specific you feel passionate about, or think they would have. Perhaps you want to donate to the fund that sends kids to camp in the summer, or the meals on wheels program they run. You can also just give to the general fund and let the church allocate the funds how they see fit.

Give A Cash Gift

If you aren’t sure what to do for the person that died, that’s okay. Not everyone is going to have a good idea. You can always give the family cash and they can use the funds in any way they feel is best. They might need the money for the memorial service, for a permanent memorial for their loved one, or even for a donation they have in mind themselves. That’s always a nice way to go.

Donate To An Animal Shelter

There are some people that adore animals and if that sounds like the person who died, it can feel fitting to donate funds to an animal shelter. IF you have the desire, you might even adopt an animal in their honor. But animal shelters often need items like pet food, blankets, litter, and other such things. You can get those items and take them over or just donate money to go toward animal care in the person’s name.

Give To The School Where They Taught

The person who passed on might have been one of the best teachers in the area and you know they cared about their job more than almost anything else. Giving to the school where they taught can be a huge gesture in their honor. The school might be able to buy supplies for kids who can’t afford them, wipe the lunch debt clean for kids who have deficits, or other such things.

Donate To Research For Their Ailment

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If the person who died passed on from a certain ailment, like cancer, you could also donate to research for that particular disease. You don’t want others to have to suffer like they did and donating to the cause can be a nice gesture.

Whatever you decide to do, let the family know in a card or letter so they know how their loved one was honored with your donation. You can also ask for suggestions from friends at the cremation services in Essex, MD or get ideas from things people say about the person who died at that service.

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