Scatter Your Loved One's Ashes

Published: November 14, 2022
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

cremation ashes in Middle River, MD

Scattering someone's ashes is a highly personal event. It's an opportunity to say your final goodbyes, but it also gives you a unique place for them to spend eternity. However, it's never as simple as picking a spot on a map and saying you will go there. There are many local laws, state laws, and even country laws that prohibit where and how you can dispose of the ashes. That being said, here are some unique places where you can scatter the cremation ashes in Middle River, MD of your loved one, provided that you have permission from the area to do so.

Private Property You Own

If you own the land and the private property that your house rests on, you can scatter the ashes on the property, provided that it's all right with your city. If you sell the land, however, you might have to disclose that there are human remains on the property to future buyers. Other private property areas are not okay to spread the ashes unless you have specific permission from the owner of the property and permission from your city. Personal property could be anything from a college campus, theme park, local park, or nature.

In The Ocean

Many also choose to release their family members' ashes into the ocean. This is usually done from a boat or ship, and it's one of the most accessible options to honor your loved one. The sea is free of most local laws, but not all. Because of that, this is usually a safe and legal place to release the ashes of your loved one. Even specific urns can slowly scatter the ashes throughout the sea, allowing you to have a memorial or a ceremony. If that sounds appealing, some boats can do the same thing. The ocean also carries a lot of symbolic meaning for people. It's vast and endless, and it's a beautiful place for someone who loves to wander or has the spirit of adventure. Other people associate the sea as quiet and a wonderful place to feel comfortable.

A National Park

cremation ashes in Middle River, MD

For lovers of nature and the feeling of getting lost in a forest, what could be better than having your family pay tribute to your ashes at a local National Park? Each park has unique rules, but they regularly grant permission to families to do this, and your loved one can be at peace in the mountains. Any stretch of nature that you choose will suit you if that doesn't sound appealing. The ashes can't be buried in these places, however. You must scatter the ashes to the wind, and they won't relent.

Where Will Your Ashes Rest?

As the choices for where to spread ashes are unique and symbolic, you might have trouble choosing whether or not you want to lay the cremation ashes in Middle River, MD to rest in the water or on land. However, whichever option you desire would be a great memory for your family and honor your loved one simultaneously.

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