Funerals Have Evolved

Published: November 21, 2022
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

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In recent years, funerals have evolved because people have developed. It's not just a traditional service that people want anymore. Now there are many different aspects that people have been changing. Social media has come into play a lot more with funerals. Because of this, we have some information on how a funeral and a funeral home in White Marsh, MD have changed so that you can see if you want to adopt this into your funeral or one for your family.

Streaming Is Popular

It used to be very distasteful to be on your phone or text during a funeral, but because of social media taking a rise, you will see that funerals are now live streamed as much as weddings and births are. Many people come to a funeral and live stream the entire time, making it a celebration of life rather than mourning the death. This is very personal, and you would have to decide whether or not you want to do it. However, remember that many people still find this practice distasteful, so you may get a few odd or confused looks if you decide to do this yourself.

You Can Decorate The Casket

Another way that funerals have changed due to social media is that you can decorate the casket. Many people decide to make unique flower arrangements or embellishments on the casket. Others choose to decorate or embroider the inside of the coffin where the head lies. In addition to this, you can choose to adopt multiple colors for the casket. It used to be that they only came in black or white, brown or another neutral color. Now, you can get them in blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, or any other color. For example, there are colors such as diamond white or blush pink. Different colors have unique names, such as canary yellow or oceanic blue.

The Funerals Are Getting Larger

Funerals used to be twenty or so people at the most. However, now you could find that there are fifty people or more at a funeral, depending on what the family's wishes are. People fly in from across the country, not just for the memorial service after the funeral but for the funeral itself. This gives people a greater chance to grieve with family members close to the person who passed or people they have not seen in years. It can be a unique way for families to heal together.

Will You Adopt New Trends

funeral home in White Marsh, MD

Social media has changed many things we used to do or think, and people are now finding funerals to be much different than the kind you've seen in the past. As they will only keep

changing in the future, you have to be the one to decide whether or not you desire to keep the traditions of the past alive or adopt the methods of the end when you're planning your funeral arrangements for your loved ones. The funeral home in White Marsh, MD will understand either one and make helpful suggestions.

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