Activities That Can Help A Grieving Friend After A Funeral

Published: December 12, 2022
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

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If you want to help someone who is grieving, the first thing you can do is show up to the funeral homes in Essex, MD to support them through the final services. Once those services are behind you, and them, they are going to need continued support as they grieve. There are a number of things you might do for them.

Chores And Errands:

Your friend might not have the energy to do certain things, but there are things that are going to have to be done. To make sure things are taken care of, and to give them more time to spend with their family and on their healing as a whole, there are chores and errands you could take on for them.


No one really ever wants to have to do laundry, but it’s one of those things that has to be done nonetheless. Since your friend may very well not be up to the task, you can step in and make sure the family has clean clothes when they need it. You can spend time in their home doing other things while you wait for the wash cycle to be completed.

Trash Duty

You don’t want trash to pile up in your friend’s house so check the cans and take the trash out when necessary. Take note of their trash day as well and make sure the big can makes it to the curb on that day and gets dragged back up to the house the next day.


Dust is going to accumulate and while some people may like the distraction of cleaning during the grief, others will just ignore those chores. You could clean for your friend and help their house maintain its state while they grieve.

Plant And Pet Care

If your friend has plants or pets, or both, those things need care as well. You can take over some of those chores and make sure every living thing in the home gets what it needs during the grieving process.


The grass is going to continue to grow as well and you will want to help your friend to cut it, perhaps once a week or so. They don’t have to worry about that chore for a while as you can take care of it for them.


If the home needs maintenance and other repairs done, there might be some things you can do to take those items off their hands while they are going through a hard time.

funeral homes in Essex, MD

A Lunch And Listen

One of the most precious things you can give to your friend is a meal and a listening ear. Let them vent, cry, or distract them with other news and topics if they want to get away from their grief for a while.

When your friend is working with funeral homes in Essex, MD, you know there are more hard times coming as they grieve and work through their emotions moving forward.

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