Announcing A Death And Funeral Home Services

Published: December 19, 2022
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

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When a family member passes on, your first concern is getting them into good hands with funeral homes in Middle River, MD so you can ensure they are cared for. You will start to make plans for their final services so they can get everything they have to have for that event. You are also going to want others to know they have died, and perhaps the details of their funeral service. Here are some ways you can tell others of the death.

Call Family Members

First, you are going to want to call family members and close friends and let them know on a personal level what has happened. These are the people who were closest to your loved one and deserve to hear the news in a personal manner before it gets out in other ways.

Place An Obituary Online And In Papers

Most families want to write up an obituary for their loved one that shares a little about them and lets people know they have died. You can place that obituary on the funeral home website as well as in local papers. That can help to spread the news as well.

Share Information On Social Media

Once the obituary is written up, you can share a link to it on social media, or you can post an announcement in other ways. You just want to make sure your important family members know first so this is not the way they learn about the death. You also want to be careful about what you share so you can ensure your loved one gets the honor and respect they deserve.

Let Employer/Church Know

funeral homes in Middle River, MD

If your loved one was working, or if they went to a certain church, you can let those places know and they can announce it to others. The employer might send out a notice around the office or make an announcement at a meeting. The church might make an announcement the next Sunday or place something in the church bulletin to let others know what has happened.

It is completely up to you as to how you let the word out and what details you include. Some people announce the death, but don’t include information about the funeral. Others want people to know about that as well and will put in the details about the service. If the funeral is open to the public, including the details can help you field fewer questions about what’s going on. Even if you have something just for family, having the information in the notice, along with a statement that things are going to be held privately, can also help you take in less questions.

When you are working with funeral homes in Middle River, MD, the professionals will help you to figure out how you want to announce your loved one’s death. You can talk to them about the options and go whatever direction feels best for your family and the timing of the process.

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