Are There Things You Don’t Know About Funerals? 

Published: January 2, 2023
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

funeral homes in White Marsh, MD

You may have attended, or even arranged, services with funeral homes in White Marsh, MD in the past, but you probably still don’t know everything there is to know about the funeral process. When you are planning for a loved one again in the future, it’s good to know as many details as you can so you are able to choose the right directions. Here are some details that not everyone knows. 

You Can Have A Funeral Pre/Post Cremation

Cremation services and funerals are often looked at as two different choices, and they can be that, but they can also be combined. You can have a funeral before or after cremation services are carried out, for example. There’s actually a type of cremation, called full cremation, which allows you to have a full funeral service prior to the cremation. Or, if you have cremation done in a more direct manner, you can then have a memorial service that feels just like a funeral after, if you’d like. Funerals and cremation can go hand-in-hand. 

Funeral Services Can Be Held At Any Time 

Many people feel as if the funeral needs to be held within a few days of someone’s death. That is the traditional way to go, but that’s not the only option. You can have a funeral after the person dies and then bury them, as is the ceremonial route to take. Or, you can bury your loved one and hold the funeral later, when you have more time to plan things out. In reality, funerals can be held at any time that suits you. 

Embalming Is Not Required

Embalming is something that is frequently coupled with open caskets at funeral and visitation services. Some even believe it is a required service that has to go together with the funeral. However, embalming is a completely optional service and never has to be carried out. If you need to save money in your budget, or you are having a closed casket, embalming really isn’t something you have to have done. 

Coffins And Caskets Are Different

Funeral Homes in White Marsh, MD

You may use the words ‘coffin’ and ‘casket’ as an interchangeably thing—many people do. But they actually refer to two different items. Caskets are rectangular in nature and are most commonly seen at funeral services, especially in the United States. Coffins are more popular overseas and have an angular top. Some might feel that coffins look more like what you would see around a vampire film. 

If you want to know more about funerals or any services that go along with final events, the professionals at funeral homes in White Marsh, MD are there to help. They can answer any questions you have and make sure you have the information you need to move forward. Their main goal is to care for your loved one and ensure that you get what you need to make it through this hard time. Their compassion and support extends way past the final service planning and implementation. 

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