Questions About Cremation That People Need Answered

Published: February 27, 2023
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

Sometimes we’re afraid to ask the questions we want to because we’re afraid of looking weird. That’s alright because we can answer the questions for you. You’ve probably heard that cremation in Middle River, MD is more straightforward, cheaper, and quicker than funerals, right? That's true, but some questions always seem to get asked about cremation from curious people that will inform you and possibly make you laugh.

Your Chest Stays Behind

Well, part of it. If you've had implants, they'll have to be removed before you can be cremated because it damages the machine. As such, anything considered artificial (such as a pacemaker) gets removed so that nothing happens and the body can be appropriately cremated.

You’re Not Taking Home Another Person

This one gets asked a lot, which was made worse by popular television shows. Because of what people saw in the media, they feared their loved one was not who went home with them. However, you can rest assured that the person in the urn is none other than your family member. The funeral home puts a lot of security and the proper safety measures in place to ensure that issues like this don't happen.

Is Cremation Common?

More common than you think. You'll find that some countries are almost solely focused on cremation and publicly declare it as a better option. In other countries, you can see that this process is at over ninety percent, meaning that burials have taken a distinct back seat to these options. Most Americans look at it as a cheaper way to ensure that their family gets honored the way they need to, and as a result, cremation has been on the rise in America as well.

Do You Have To Have A Funeral Service?

Not at all. If you don't want to have one and think it's not for you, you don't have to have a funeral service with your cremation. You can instead choose to get what is known as a direct cremation. You can have a funeral service later on if you decide to with the urn present, but you don't have to unless it's something you want.

You Can Rent A Casket

If you decide on this method, you should know that the body never touches the rental casket. Instead, it connects the insert that's placed inside the coffin. Each time someone gets cremated, the casket opens, and the insert slides out and is cremated with the body. When the casket is rented again, a new insert is placed inside.

Cremations Are A Process

As you can see from the information we've shown you, there are a lot of different things that you'll need to consider when making the choice on whether or not you want cremation in Middle River, MD as an option for yourself. If you decide that this is the method for you, you'll have the help of the funeral director to tell you more details about what's going to happen and how the process works. In addition, they'll show you what options would work best with what you're trying to accomplish.

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