Comforting A Child That Has Lost A Friend

Published: May 1, 2023
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex
funeral homes in Middle River, MD

When your child has to face the facts of life, and the idea that death is a part of life, it’s hard to comfort them through a hard time. A friend of theirs passed on and they are going to have lots of questions and their grief will be a part of their life for the time being. The professionals at funeral homes in Middle River, MD are there to help you with the way you can comfort your child. Contact them at any time for more advice. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Ask Them For Stories Of Their Friend

Your child might want to talk about their friend, but they aren’t sure how to do that. Ask them for stories about their friend that you might not have heard before, or start telling a story you remember and let them chime in with details you didn’t recall. Talking about their friend is a nice way to remind your child that the friend is going to be with all of you in your memories, even if not in person.

Let Them Vent Their Emotions

Children aren’t necessarily going to grieve in the way you feel like you would in their shoes, and that’s okay. Grief is unique in every individual and you are going to want to let your child grieve and vent their emotions when they are ready in whatever way they see fit. They might cry and be very sad, so hold them while they do so. They might be angry. Give them a pillow to hit. Allow the emotions to come out so they aren’t bottled up.

Take Them To The Final Service

funeral homes in Middle River, MD

If your family is invited to the friend’s final service, talk to your child about it and seriously consider taking them to that service. You will want them to be able to get the closure they want and to say a final goodbye to their friend so they can find ways to move forward. Be there for them during that service and cater to their needs.

Talk To Their School Counselor For Tips

This is a big topic and it’s not something you might have the expertise on. Talk to your child’s school counselor, or even an outside grief counselor, to get details on what else you can do to help your child through this hard time. You might want to have your child talk to that professional, too, who can give them tips to help them grieve in healthy manners.

There are lots of details that are going to come into your home when a friend of your child’s passes on. The professionals at funeral homes in Middle River, MD are there for you, just as they are there for the family of the deceased. Contact them for information on grief resources and advice on helping your child through this hard time. They are there to help you with these items, and many others.

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