Options For The Cremated Ashes

Published: September 12, 2022
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

Cremation services in Essex, MD

Cremation services in Essex, MD are a completely honorable and respectful process that you can choose for yourself, or for a loved one. There are other decisions you will want to make at some point. If you are choosing for a loved one, once you get a cremation package lined up, you don’t have to do anything else. There’s no timeline on the other options. If you are making decisions for yourself, you might want to get the details in order for the cremation as well as what you want for your final resting place. Either way, here are some options for cremated ashes once the cremation process is complete.

Use The Simple Container From The Package

Any cremation package is going to come with certain things included. Everything the person needs for the process will be in that package, and that includes a simple container for their remains. IT’s nice to know you really don’t have to add anything to the cremation package. It’s all inclusive and comes with everything you have to have for the process. The simple container is little more than a cardboard box, but it works just fine to hold someone’s remains.

Choose An Urn

Many families like to add a few things to the cremation packages, and the most popular thing to add is an urn of your choice. Urns can be more personalized and you can choose whatever you like. Families often appreciate that they can choose the style, material, color, personalization, and other details. The urn is a great place for the remains and you can then keep the urn in your house, display it during a memorial service, or do other things with it once the services are complete.

Scatter The Ashes

Ash scattering services are very popular today and they are always an honorable way to go. You can scatter ashes from an urn, from a simple container, or even from a specialized scattering tube. These tubes are containers that simplify the scattering process. Choose a location your family likes, and your loved one would appreciate, and it can be somewhere special that you visit later on when you want to think of your loved one.

Utilize Cremation Jewelry

Cremation services in Essex, MD

Cremation jewelry is a nice way to take a piece of your loved one and keep them close to you as often as you’d like. These pieces are items you can wear, often shaped like a cross, a pendant, or a heart. You place a small bit of ashes inside and the piece becomes a memorial you can enjoy as the years go by. Once your loved one is placed inside, the piece is something you wear whenever you want to think of them.

Bury The Remains

There’s nothing wrong with going a traditional route and burying your loved one later, either in their urn, in the simple container, or by pouring them out into the dirt for the burial process. 

Keep Them To Decide Later 

Once you have the photo you want for display in the front of the room, perhaps next to your loved one’s casket, you can place candids of them with family on the memorial table in the back of the room. This can show them in many stages in life, doing some of the things they loved most. It can be hard to narrow the pictures down for funeral homes in Essex, MD

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