FAQ on Preplanning

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We believe this is a smart decision for everyone regardless of age. It is our common experience that the unexpected can and does happen and you are never too young to begin thinking about the end of life. We have served individuals and families from their 20s to their 90s who recognize the importance of advanced planning.

By working with a trained and licensed Connelly Funeral Home of Essex Counselor, you’ll learn about the many options and services our comprehensive plans provide. We find that during our informative visits, the details become clearer. Decisions are best made with complete information; the more you know, the more confident you will be to making these critical choices. We want to make this experience as simple and comfortable for you as possible.

It has been said that “the only thing that is constant is change.” Because our life experiences are similar to yours, we are happy to explain the many flexible options available to you including the encouragement to review your plan at least every five years. The more comfortable you are with your decisions, the greater your peace of mind when you consider the burdens then lifted from your family.

We know from our years of experience that your family will appreciate a frank and honest discussion about the decisions you have made. Stronger family relationships can be established with such discussions as confidence grows regarding the thoughtful reasons for your decisions. We at Connelly Funeral Home of Essex encourage you to share this information with your family. Upon request, we are happy to provide copies of your plans and arrangements with designated family members for their records and safekeeping.

Absolutely. We have anticipated the reality of the ever-changing life circumstances and know that it’s common for people to relocate. All Connelly's insurance-funded funeral plans are fully transferable and we are happy to assist with any of these details.

Should any money you invest earn dividends or interest, those funds would then become subject to income tax. However, given the volatility of the market there’s no guarantee any investment would keep up with increasing funeral expenses. A pre- arranged funeral plan with Connelly's will ensure there will be sufficient funds to cover future costs. You will not be required to pay taxes on the increasing death benefit and your family will be secure in the knowledge they need make only one phone call to make arrangements on your behalf.

Most people who preplan already have other kinds of life insurance in place. Life insurance is needed to maintain the lifestyle of your loved ones and to take care of medical costs and the daily living expenses of those left behind. A Connelly’s funeral plan is different in that it is designed to guarantee funeral costs at today’s prices and allow for additional funds for miscellaneous expenses such as newspaper obituary notices, flowers, travel, certified copies of death certificates, sales tax, etc.

Yes, you may prearrange funeral services and merchandise at any time. Your information will be kept on file by Connelly's and be readily available upon request.

Unfortunately, veterans' benefits have been drastically reduced over the years. Veterans do receive many burial benefits including military honors, a flag, and marker or monument to mark the grave. A burial space and grave liner are provided when the burial takes place in a national VA cemetery. There are also burial options for a spouse or child. Other monetary benefits may be available and determined on a case-by-case basis. Our Family Service Counselors are experienced with all aspects of veterans’ benefits and will be happy to review this information with you in relation to your particular circumstances. State veterans' cemetery benefits vary depending on military involvement. Please contact us for current benefits.

This is a fair question but challenging to answer. Funeral costs are determined by many personal choices, such as the type of service, choice of casket, etc. The funeral service industry is highly regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, which requires a copy of our General Price List, detailing our services and products, be made available to anyone who requests it. Our Family Service Counselors are happy to provide you with a General Price List and discuss this question in greater detail.

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