Honoring A Loved One On The Anniversary Of Their Death

Published: October 3, 2022
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

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The day you honor your loved one with a final service at funeral homes in White Marsh, MD might feel like the hardest day you’ve had in your life so far. While time won’t heal your wounds, it will help you to learn to live a new normal. But there are still going to be days that pop up and make you feel raw all over again. Like your loved one’s anniversary of the day they died, or the day you held funeral services for them. It’s going to be a hard day to get through, but you can honor your loved one in a variety of ways on that day. Here are a few to consider.

Take The Day Off

Your loved one doesn’t want you to work yourself too hard and when you are emotional, you might be better off staying at home anyway. There are a variety of things you can do with the anniversary day outside of working. Sure, work might distract you, but perhaps you just need to feel your emotions and get through the day in other ways.

Visit Their Resting Place

One way to honor your loved one on the day they passed on, a year or more later, is to visit their final resting place. If you buried them in a cemetery, you could take flowers, a decorative rock, or something else to their grave. You could also just sit there for a while, remembering the good times, and talking to them about how much you miss them. That can become a special tradition you hold on that day.

Hold A Memorial Dinner

Just because a year or more has passed since your loved one died doesn’t mean you can’t have a memorial for them. Memorials can happen at any time. This one doesn’t have to be large or intricate. Instead, you can just have family over for a memorial dinner. You want to be around the people you love and care about, but you also want to remember the one who is no longer among you. Share memories, their favorite meal, and time together.

Enjoy A Hobby Of Theirs

If your loved one had a special hobby, you might want to take part in it on that day. If they were great bakers, try one of their recipes. If they walked a certain path in their neighborhood daily, go on that route and think of them walking that way. Whatever their hobbies were might be something you can do to honor them on that day.

Volunteer Somewhere

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The gift of time is always going to be precious. You might want to spend some time volunteering somewhere and helping others to honor your loved one. If the person who died had a certain charity they supported, contact them and see if you can volunteer.

If you need other ideas, or grief resources as the death anniversary approaches, contact the professionals at funeral homes in White Marsh, MD for advice.

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