Different Cultures Observe Different Rituals

Published: November 7, 2022

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There are many ways of honoring the dead, and you'll find that different cultures have unique ways of doing so. In ancient times people would hold parades, and this is a style that has slowly been coming back. In addition, you'll find that we take methods from ancient Britain and the Victorian age and are being adopted today, while medieval farming techniques in the past helped create the cemeteries that we have now. You may wonder how that impacts us today when we go to a funeral home in Middle River, MD to plan for our loved ones. We have the answer to that and more!

Turning Your Loved Ones Into Beads

Many traditions in other cultures believe that turning your loved ones' ashes into jewelry is a unique idea, and in particular, you'll find that South Korea has begun turning the ashes of their deceased into beads. The beads have a specific shine, and they come in a variety of colors. They are placed inside a glass vase or left open in a dish. The people use this as a centerpiece of decoration in their home so that guests can come inside and see their deceased loved ones.

Part of this is because the country has less space, and cremation is at an all-time high. Therefore, turning your loved ones into beads saves space and gives their society a new tradition to embrace.

Turning Your Loved One Into Decorative Pieces

Another option for turning your loved one into jewelry is the idea of necklaces, bracelets, or pendants. This has been wildly popular in the past decade, and you'll find that many different cultures worldwide have started doing this. In particular, people have thought that turning your loved one's ashes into a necklace is a beautiful way to honor your deceased family member and have a piece of them close to you as long as you live. Other countries have even placed two or more family members' ashes into the same necklace so that you can carry around everyone that matters to you next to your heart.

Dressing Your Loved One In Their Finest

Another popular option is dressing your loved one up. Many cultures have seen fit if they have a traditional burial to dress their loved ones in their finest clothing to look their best. Many ancient cultures used to do this, and it's something that we still honor today. One difference is that in the past, people would take pictures with their loved ones after they had arranged them on pieces of furniture before burial. Only certain areas still adopt this.

Are You Surprised?

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Are you surprised at the things that we mentioned on this list? You'll find that many cultures have unique ways of doing things, and the past often has a part to play in new traditions that we have formed. They're cultures that still take pictures with their dead before burying them. Some cultures decide that a piece of jewelry is the best way to honor your loved one. Whatever you select for your family, you can know that a funeral home in Middle River, MD director has heard of everything and seen more than that, so they can help you and ensure that your wishes are honored appropriately.

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