Reasons To Choose Cremation Services

Published: April 24, 2023
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

cremation services in White Marsh, MD

There are a lot of tough decisions to make when a loved one passes on. If you find yourself in that decision-making position, you have to decide if you want a funeral or cremation service in White Marsh, MD for them. Either is honorable and respectful. Here are a few reasons why you might air on the side of cremation services.

1. Cost Savings

One reason that cremation has become more popular than funeral options is because of the difference in cost. If you choose cremation, you can save thousands of dollars over choosing funeral options. There are lots of things that you don’t have to have with a cremation that is necessary for a funeral. While you can add whatever you want to a cremation package, you start with a much lower cost point. That saving allows people to fit final services into smaller budgets. It also allows them to care for their loved ones in a respectful manner.

2. Convenience

Cremation services are simply convenient. They are a fast, efficient manner to take care of a loved one’s needs. You don’t have to do much planning in order to get cremation moving along. It’s a nice way to give yourself peace of mind that your loved one has gotten what they needed. You can then grieve and move forward whenever you are ready with that process.

3.The Environment

Many people are concerned with environmental causes these days, and if you and/or your loved one is one such person, you might want to go with a method that is more environmentally friendly. Funerals are going to do more to the environment than a cremation would. Cremation isn’t completely clean as it does emit things into the air during the process, but there are more options with cremation that allow the environment to be in better shape afterward than funerals.

4. Customization

Funerals have traditions and things that are usually included. Cremation, on the other hand, can be customized in any way you want. You can customize the urn, the timing of the cremation, the memorial service, the final resting place, and so on. You can customize every detail from start to finish.

5. Memorialization Options

cremation services in White Marsh, MD

When you have a cremation for a loved one, the timeline after that event is completely open. You can have the memorial right away, or whenever you want in the future. You can also have the memorial service of your choosing. Some people want to have something that feels somber and traditional, like a funeral. Others want something casual, like a celebration of life. You can include whatever you want on any timeline, which makes cremation a very positive option to consider.

If you are trying to figure out what you want for your loved one, both funerals and cremation services in White Marsh, MD are completely honorable and respectful. There really are no wrong choices. You simply have to decide what’s best for your family member and the rest of your family. You are doing the best you can with what you’re working with.

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