Should You Follow Your Loved One’s Wishes?

Published: May 8, 2023
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex
funeral homes in White Marsh, MD

When a loved one passes on, it’s a great benefit to you if you happened to have talked to them about their final wishes in the past. You know what you want and now, you have contacted funeral homes in White Marsh, MD to help you arrange their final services. Since your loved one is gone, if they didn’t set up final service plans in advance, the decisions are in your hands. You can go with what they wanted to have done—or not. Here are a few reasons you might want to follow their wishes.

Respect For What They Wanted

One way to show your loved one respect and honor is to give them what they wanted for their final services. Whether it’s something you would do yourself or not, it’s what they wanted. You might feel the need to satisfy those final wishes simply to respect their choices and what they wanted. That’s a good enough reason to move forward with whatever they directed you to do.

To Avoid Regrets Later On

If your loved one wanted a funeral, and you go with cremation, they are still being honored in a respectful manner. However, you might look back on that cremation and have regrets later. You didn’t do what they wanted and that can lead you to have more grief than you would have had you followed their wishes. You want to avoid regrets when planning things and that means following their final service wishes is the best way to go.

So You Don’t Have The Decision Burdens

funeral homes in White Marsh, MD

When someone passes on, you are going to be emotional. It can be hard to make decisions on someone else’s behalf. However, when your loved one told you what they wanted, you don’t have to make decisions. You just have to find a funeral home and meet the parameters your loved one talked about before they passed on. You don’t really have to decide things as you already know what they want and that can alleviate burdens.

In Order To Keep The Peace In The Family

If your loved one told you about what their final wishes were, they might have told others, too. Following those wishes can keep the peace within your family. If you go against what they wanted, others might rise up and speak against the plans you put into place because they know it wasn’t what your loved one really wanted.

When someone in your family passes on, you want to do whatever you can to honor them. One way to honor them is to go along with their final wishes, if you know what they were. There aren’t too many reasons to go against what they wanted, but if you can’t afford their final wishes, perhaps, talk to the funeral homes in White Marsh, MD to find avenues that allow you to get as close as possible. The professionals can also help you to figure out how you can afford certain things that you didn’t know were available to you.

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