Strange Funerals Are More Popular Than You Think

Published: February 6, 2023
by Connelly Funeral Home of Essex

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Many people see funerals differently than they did before. Your funeral home in Middle River, MD can back us up on this one. Because funerals are no longer seen as strictly somber events, you'll find that people are making their funerals a lot more unique. Keep reading our list below for strange funerals we bet you've never thought of.

Time To Dance

In certain Asian countries, you'll find that people hire dancers to liven up the occasion, and they dance around the mourners. In the United States, some areas have adopted this as well. If you go to New Orleans, you may see a jazz funeral as they've become quite popular. Guests can show up in go-go boots and miniskirts. Talk about a new way to view mourning, right?

Cars Are Important

We all love cars. However, you'll sometimes find that people love their cars. When that's the case, you might find that they want to take their vehicle with them into the afterlife or choose to make it a part of the funeral itself. When this is the case, you'll find that people who have the means to do so will design a custom plot for themselves or their loved ones. An example was a celebrity so in love with his cruiser that he built a custom-made Plexiglas casket so that he could be buried with it, and they dressed him in his riding gear. His guests said it was the best thing for him.

Selfies Are Making The Rounds

Selfies are popular at funerals now because of social media; unfortunately, it's not going away anytime soon. Taking pictures of the funeral and the members in attendance is not typically approved because some families find it disrespectful, but it still happens. Many social media trends have made their way into funerals, such as celebrating life, not death or dancing. Other trends besides the selfies are colored caskets and live streaming the funeral.

A Bowling Memorial?

Strange but true, and this is another trend that has been occurring. A family honored their loved one by holding a memorial in a bowling alley and spelled rest in peace in the pins. They wore matching league shirts, and her friends honored her life with laughter instead of tears.

Moving The Dead

funeral home in Middle River, MD

Now this one is high on the strange meter. People call for a regular unburial in Madagascar (not the entire country, just parts). This is when the dead are removed from their graves and changed into different clothes. The family then dances with them before putting them in clean blankets and putting them back to rest until the following year.

Each Culture Has Differences

Each culture has different ways of honoring the dead. While planning your funeral or someone close to you, you'll choose what your family will do. Will you celebrate life or follow social media trends? The funeral home in Middle River, MD can give you great ideas and tell you what is legal for your state.

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